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This page contains anythings I've written and put on the site, which includes my selected works, but also any smaller project or writing I may have made.

Andy Sigler

Tensorflow Doodling MDN

machine-learning – Generative Doodles

An attempt to train a model to mimic my doodling style More ›

Andy Sigler

Tensorflow Vocoder Autoencoder

machine-learning – Generative Throat Noises

A real-time musical instrument built with a custom vocoder and trained autoencoder More ›

Andy Sigler

Tensorflow Learning Materials

machine-learning – Writings, tutorials, guides, and examples

Some links on ML and Tensorflow readings, guides, and examples More ›

Andy Sigler

Updated -

hardware – Adding New Tutorials and Guides for DIY PCBs

While teaching my class for the 4th time, I've taken the time to re-design and organize the website More ›

Andy Sigler

Colorful Solder Mask

hardware – Make Any Image on DIY PCBs

I figured out how to make DIY solder mask that can be any picture and color I want. More ›

Andy Sigler

Homemade Hardware

teaching – Teaching to Make DIY PCBs

Graduate students at ITP now have the ability to quickly iterate on custom circuit boards More ›

Andy Sigler

OT2 Electronics

products – Affordable Open-Source Liquid Handler

Creating a hardware platform, from early design to manufacture More ›

Andy Sigler

Opentrons Modules

products – Devices Built for the Opentrons Platform

Expanding automated workflows with Opentrons Modules More ›

Andy Sigler

Tomorrow Lab

products – Works Done at Tomorrow Lab

Some work designed while at Tomorrow Lab More ›

Andy Sigler

Python API: Moving Liquids

products – Opentrons Pipette API and Motion Control

Designed the pipette actions, and programmed their movement within the Opentrons liquid-handler Python API More ›

Andy Sigler

Magnetic Hue Light Controller

projects – A Novel Interface to Control Hue Lights

A magnetic, four-sided die to control my Hue lights More ›

Andy Sigler


hardware – Tools to Make Boards In My Bedroom

I can go from a copper plate to a quality PCB, all without leaving my bedroom. More ›

Andy Sigler

Opentrons Platform Prototype

projects – Liquid-handling platform prototype, using HTML5 and NodeJS

I helped Opentrons this past year by prototyping their liquid handling software stack. It's been a great experience and I learned some lasting lessons. More ›

The Internet of Useless Things

useless-things – cultural expression and internet art in the connected home

To better explain why I want to make an Internet of Useless Things, I borrowed some words from a recent talk by Bruce Sterling. More ›

Andy Sigler

Panelling Arduino Minis

hardware – 10 diy arduinos on one copper plate

I made a panel of 10 Arduino Pro Mini clones I designed. Their design was constrained by my DIY process, and the boards turned out great with the new soldermask process. More ›

Andy Sigler

Dynamask and Twenty RFm69 Breakouts

hardware – strong and cheap wireless tranceiver

Twenty RFm69 wireless tranceiver breakout boards, and More ›

Andy Sigler

UV Light Cigar Box

hardware – cigar box made into a uv lightbox

I needed an ultra-violet lightbox to make solder mask for PCBs, so I made one from a ton of UV LEDs and a cigar box I had lying around. More ›

Andy Sigler


hardware – A Web Interface for Milling PCBs on the Roland-Modela

The Roland-Modela is a discontinued, but well made micro-milling machine. It's software package is terrible, so I made a simple interface for milling PCBs, and designed a new bed from delrin. More ›

Andy Sigler

The Patchbay Interface

projects – Design Decisions for Multi-Device Interactions

The Patchbay the graphical interface was developed for my 2014 master's thesis at ITP. It was designed to greatly simplify multi-device interactions, and allows users to make and break links between wireless objects. More ›

NodeJS + Yun

teaching – Installing and Running NodeJS on the Arduino Yun

Below are the steps to get NodeJS up and running on the Arduino Yun. This tutorial assumes you have already connected the Yun to your network, and have a basic understanding of NodeJS. More ›

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