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Andy Sigler


This page contains anythings I've written and put on the site, which includes my selected works, but also any smaller project or writing I may have made.

Andy Sigler

ITP Master's Thesis

projects – How to Make the Internet of Useless Things

An exploration in fabrication, process, and interaction while making an internet of useless things. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – New Interface for Musical Expression

Noser is a musical instrument for exploring vocal resonance with the hand. It was developed and performed for the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) course at ITP. More ›

Andy Sigler

Browser Tag

projects – Tag any webpage with digital BitTorrent stickers

Drag the 'BitTorrent Is Not A Crime' image to your bookmark bar, and cover any webpage with digital stickers. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Multi-Screen Online Game

Fly your helicopter through any connected screen, and don't crash! More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Automated human movement using hacked muscle stimulators

Using hacked muscle stimulators, I found you could easily control someone else's arm, making a fun party trick. More ›

Andy Sigler

Numbers on the Board

projects – Syncopation and New York City

Sound sculpture, symbolizing the cycles of time and alignment during the Mannhattan-Henge events in New York City More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Learn about and play with your food

Foodable is an interactive table-top which monitors users actions to deliver information about their food. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Interactive installation for books on a shelf

Books on a shelf come to life when used as a medium for animation and interaction. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Water cups as a musical instrument and game

Dip your fingers in a cup, and it will light up with sound. Play a song, or try your best at the memory game. More ›

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