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This page contains anythings I've written and put on the site, which includes my selected works, but also any smaller project or writing I may have made.

NodeJS + Yun

teaching – Installing and Running NodeJS on the Arduino Yun

Below are the steps to get NodeJS up and running on the Arduino Yun. This tutorial assumes you have already connected the Yun to your network, and have a basic understanding of NodeJS. More ›

Andy Sigler

ITP Master's Thesis

projects – How to Make the Internet of Useless Things

An exploration in fabrication, process, and interaction while making an internet of useless things. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – New Interface for Musical Expression

Noser is a musical instrument for exploring vocal resonance with the hand. It was developed and performed for the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) course at ITP. More ›

Andy Sigler

Browser Tag

projects – Tag any webpage with digital BitTorrent stickers

Drag the 'BitTorrent Is Not A Crime' image to your bookmark bar, and cover any webpage with digital stickers. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Multi-Screen Online Game

Fly your helicopter through any connected screen, and don't crash! More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Automated human movement using hacked muscle stimulators

Using hacked muscle stimulators, I found you could easily control someone else's arm, making a fun party trick. More ›

Andy Sigler

Numbers on the Board

projects – Syncopation and New York City

Sound sculpture, symbolizing the cycles of time and alignment during the Mannhattan-Henge events in New York City More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Learn about and play with your food

Foodable is an interactive table-top which monitors users actions to deliver information about their food. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Interactive installation for books on a shelf

Books on a shelf come to life when used as a medium for animation and interaction. More ›

Andy Sigler


projects – Water cups as a musical instrument and game

Dip your fingers in a cup, and it will light up with sound. Play a song, or try your best at the memory game. More ›

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