For connected instruments & toys

Connected devices for the playful home.

Improvise with wireless links, using the Patchbay interface. Watch the demo video above
to see some Arduino-based project's I've connected with Patchbay.

Make an internet
of useless things.

Connecting a project with Patchbay is easy for Makers. No hubs and no clouds, at low-cost.

1Make something fun with Arduino
2Add the Patchbay radio breakout and library
3Design and play with peer-to-peer connections

Learn more on GitHub.

Wireless Links I can Touch

INPUTS in the left circle, OUTPUTS in the right. Rotate the circles to explore the connections.

Hiding Network Complexity

Circles can display many devices, yet the interface focuses on just one at a time.

Click to start demo.

Wireless Breakout

Arduino friendly

· Connects to Arduino Uno over SPI
· Arduino library with simple API calls

Devices create a mesh network

· Peer-to-peer protocol inspired by MIDI
· Unicast, multicast, and broadcast messages

Make and break links with the Patchbay app

· Bluetooth LE gives my smartphone control
· Monitor my network, and control all links

Creativity is connecting things.

Imagine you can effortlessly connect the everyday objects in your home.

What would you have them do?

I believe everything can become a musical instrument or toy, once given the ability to connect. Patchbay allows me to create new experiences, by connecting and reimagining what's already around me.

Patchbay began as my ITP masters thesis in Spring 2014.
Watch a shortened version of my presentation above (live demo at 5:19).

I want domestic internet art, designed for the home.
I want internet of things art.

Send me an email if you are interested in the project.
Also, check out the GitHub repo for all software,
circuit designs, and library reference.